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Policy Effective Date: December 02, 2014

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Documentation of Email electronic and Telephone communications – Email electronic communications will be documented and archived through our compliance and secure network. Crystal Brook Advisors employees and advisor agents may monitor telephone calls for compliance, customer service and training purposes.

Investment Protection – Your investments are held at Custodian, Wells Fargo Clearing Services LLC. Wells Fargo Clearning Services LLC is a member of SIPC www.sipc.com . Investments may also be held at third-party companies, e.g. direct mutual funds, transfer agents, insurance companies. Crystal Brook Advisor is not liable or responsible for the content, services, products, or client/investor investment performance of third-party companies.

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Client/Investor Confidentiality of Personal Data – Crystal Brook Advisors respects the confidentiality ofclient and investor data. Crystal Brook Advisors do not share or resell client/investor information.

Website Links – Links on Crystal Brook Advisors website may take you to our Custodian (Wells Fargo Clearing Services LLC) which will have their own Terms and Conditions. Crystal Brook Advisors assumesno responsibility or liability for the service or content on the Custodian and Broker Dealer websites ortheir associated partner or third-party websites which includes but not limited to any malicious activity,viruses, website crashes, servers, or content on their respective websites.

Investor Brochure – Crystal Brook Advisor Investor Brochure is available at: www.finra.org

Social Media, Newsletters and Blogs, Videos – Crystal Brook Advisor will distribute general informationabout financial planning and investment management from employee staff members online via internet oroff-line – publications, news channels, magazines, seminars. Crystal Brook Advisors may utilize third partynewsletters, bloggers, videos which are not affiliated with Crystal Brook Advisors. We are not liable orresponsible for the third party newsletters, blogger, video content or accuracy unless otherwise endorsed or paid for content.

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