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Do you know what a financial advisor actually does?

by Peter J. Creedon

By Deborah Nason

Peter J. Creedon, a CFP and CEO of Crystal Brook Advisors, takes a similar approach. “Part of my outreach is to go where the people are, especially millennials, through social media, college alumni groups or start-up business incubators,” he said. “I give an overview, showing my process and how I can help.” Advisors are constantly educating existing clients and referral sources. “I spend probably half my time educating people,” Creedon explained.

He and his firm provide an ongoing lunch-and-learn series for current clients on “the day in the life of a financial advisor.” Topics include what the financial advisor does for the client; what comprehensive financial planning and investment management are; how the certified financial planner interacts with the client; and an explanation of products and services and how they meet client needs.”

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