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Are there any Additional Fees?

by Peter J. Creedon

There may be depending on type of account. Any transactional or service fees (sometimes termed brokerage fees), individual retirement account fees, qualified retirement plan fees, account termination fees, or wire transfer fees will be borne by the account holder per the custodian of record’s separate fee schedule. We will ensure the client receives a copy of our custodian’s fee schedule at the beginning of the engagement, and the client will be notified of any future changes to these fees by the custodian of record and/or third party administrator for certain tax‐qualified plans. Fees paid by our clients to our firm for our advisory services are separate from any of these fees or other similar charges. In addition, advisory fees for our firm’s services are separate from any transactional charges a client may pay, as well as those for mutual funds, exchange‐traded funds (ETFs), exchange‐traded notes (ETNs), or other investments of this type. Per annum interest at the current maximum statutory rate may be assessed on fee balances due more than 30 days; we may refer past due accounts to collections or legal counsel for processing. We reserve the right to suspend some or all services once an account is deemed past due.

Other Annual Fees that you may incur:

Annual Fee


Advantage Account (Debit card and Check writing)

$125 Annual Fee

Aged non-transferable securities (held in account)


Basic Check writing


Custodial Accounts (UGMA & UTMA) Inactivity Fee


FCC Custodian IRA

$10 Annual Fee

Inactivity Fee




Bond Redemption/Conversions (certificates)


Cancel & Rebills (post trade date)

$15.00 (May increase when trades have multiple fills)

Cash Debit

Standard Margin Rates

Confirm Postage and Handling to customer

$2.50 Paper Delivery

Deposit/Withdrawal at Custodian (DWAC) Fee

$150 outbound

Direct Registration Reject Fee

$75 per item

Electronic Confirm Delivery


FCC Custodian IRA Termination Fee


Lost Certificate

Issued by FCC Within 90 days


Issued by FCC After 90 days

$50 plus transfer bonding

Lost by Customer

$50 plus transfer bonding

Limited Partnership/Alternative Investments

Initial Purchase


Subsequent purchases for same CUSIP same a/c


Transfer and/or Re-registration (per CUSIP)


Annual Fee (per CUSIP)

$100.00 (max $600 per account)

Non-Sufficient Funds (Advantage Checks drawn on account)


Option Exercise/Assignment Surcharge

$0.00 (standard ticket charges apply to trades generated)

Overnight Delivery

pass through

Overnight Saturday Delivery

pass through

Physical Certificate Reject Fee

$50 per item

Pledge Account Setup Fee



Standard Margin Rates

Processing ACAT Transfer Out


Reorganization Activity



Instructions received after expiration cut-off

$250.00 per item

Reg. T Extensions


Return of Deposited Checks


Safekeeping Fee

$25 per security; $250 max/yr per acct

Stop Payment


Transfer & Ship (per item)

Standard Delivery


Non DTC Rush Delivery


DTC Rush Delivery


Re-registration of Physical Certificate


GNMA Certificate Issuance


Foreign Security Certificate Issuance


Transfer on Death Establishment


Transfer on Death Termination


Wire Transfers