What we think

What are your methods of analysis, investment strategies risk of loss?

by Peter J. Creedon

When we are engaged to provide investment advice, we will first gather and consider several factors, including: 1) Current financial situation and need. 2) Interim and long‐term goals and objectives. 3) Level of investment knowledge. 4) Tolerance or appetite for risk. 5) Reasonable investment restrictions involving your portfolio.

Crystal Brook Advisors generally employs what we believe to be an appropriate blend of fundamental and technical analysis. We evaluate economic factors including interest rates, the current state of the economy, or the future growth of an industry sector. We also consider past price patterns and trends in the financial markets to better understand the direction of both the overall market and specific securities before entry into the market in terms of risk and profit potential. Our research is drawn from sources that include: financial periodicals, reports from economists and other industry professionals, inspections of corporate activities, corporate rating services, company press releases, issuer/company annual reports, prospectuses and other regulatory filings.