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Why your personal investment can be worth the money

by Peter J. Creedon

Personal investments are the little things that we do each day for ourselves. They are the decisions that make us who we are and the majority of time, the things we pay the least attention. These decisions most likely reflect how we see ourselves and in turn be the decisions that shape our future. People need to consciously think about their own personal investments and invest the time to understand how to get there.

Setting aside money to invest in the stock market, purchasing the protection of an insurance policy to protect your income, family or a place to live are more likely to appear on your priority list than thinking about personal investments. When I talk personal investments these can range from focusing on your health, reading to develop your knowledge, learning a new skill, being more confident, having a consistent positive attitude or simply organizing your time better. A lot of the time we see these things appear on the infamous ‘New Year’s resolution’ list, and chances are that 9 out of 10 of you reading this wrote one of these at the beginning of the year and still haven’t set aside time to even begin. More often than not, we see so many articles that focus on the importance of financial investments, and yes, these are extremely important as these also help shape your future and allow you to plan for every life event. However, your personal skills are something that need to be refined every single day, every week we see new technologies developing and just as you think you are up to speed, along comes the next phenomenon. But remember what you put into upgrading yourself is a big part of how the world sees and may respond to you.

The return on your personal investments can be huge, the feeling of knowing you have finally ticked something off the never ending ‘to do’ list is going to give you that much needed boost which may even kick start a change in the way you think or the way in which your mindset is focused both personally and financially. You may even gain a greater sense of self-worth that can make you believe you can do anything and achieve more. So take time every day to set realistic goals, no matter how big or small, that will expand your comfort zone. Whether personal or financial and remember ‘a goal without a plan is just a dream’.  We all need to dream better.

Contributor – Matthew Schievert