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What are your Asset‐Based Fee for your Investment Supervisory services?

by Peter J. Creedon

Fees for investment supervisory services are assessed an annualized asset‐based fee that is paid quarterly, in arrears, per the following table. The calculation is based on the reporting period ending value of the client’s account(s) as of the last US market day of the previous calendar quarter. In the rare absence of a reportable market value, our firm may seek a third‐party opinion from a recognized industry source (e.g., unaffiliated public accounting firm), and the client may choose to separately seek such an opinion at their own expense as to the valuation of “hard‐to‐price” securities if they believe it to be necessary. We assess our asset‐based fee based on straight tier; all of the client’s assets managed by our firm are assessed a single percentage rate that declines as asset levels increase.

Assets Under Management Annualized Asset‐Based Fee

$0 ‐ $249,999

1.25% (125 basis points)

$250,000 ‐ $499,999

1.00% (100 basis points)

$500,000 ‐ $999,999

0.80% (80 basis points)

$1,000,000 ‐ $4,999,999

0.55% (55 basis points)

$5,000,000 ‐ Above

$5,000,000 ‐ Above 0.50% (50 basis points)

We will concurrently send the client and the custodian of record a written notice (“invoice”) each billingperiod that describes the advisory fees to be deducted from the client account at our direction. This notice will be delivered prior to the deduction of fees. The client notice will include the total fee assessed, covered time period, calculation formula utilized, and reference to the assets under management in which the fee had been based.