What we think

What business consultation services do you offer?

by Peter J. Creedon

We are available to assist businesses in a variety of ways to include business strategy, practice management, general financial advice, debt management, as well as assisting matters involving coordination with their financial institution, attorney or accountant. A broad‐based plan is an endeavor that requires detail; therefore, certain variables can affect the cost involved in the development of the plan: quality of records, complexity and number of current investments, diversity of insurance products and employee benefits maintained, size of the potential estate, and special needs of the client or their dependents, among others. We will concentrate on reviewing only a specific area (modular planning) per your request, such as an employer retirement plan allocation, college funding or evaluating the sufficiency of savings plan. Note* when these services focus only on certain area of your interest or need, the overall situation or need may not be fully addressed due to limitations established by you. In all instances involving our financial planning engagements, you retain full discretion over all implementation decisions and are free to accept or reject any recommendation we make.