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What is a Wrap Account Program?

by Peter J. Creedon

Crystal Brook Advisors manages an investor’s portfolio for a flat quarterly or annual fee. This fee covers all administrative, commission, and management expenses. Sometimes this also includes funds of funds. We offer a wrap fee investment program for those investors with an account value of $50,000 or greater of investable assets that are managed by our firm. While our investment management strategies are similar to our unbundled services noted in this brochure, we incorporate our services and associated costs of the investment advisory process into an asset‐based fee, such as our investment management fee and associated transaction charges. We ask that interested eligible parties review our separate Form ADV Part 2A ‐ Appendix 1 Wrap Fee Program Brochure for further details. Forms of payment are based on the types of services being provided, term of service, etc., and will be stated in the client’s engagement agreement with the firm. Payment is made by check or teller’s draft as well as through qualified, unaffiliated third‐party processors or the custodian of record maintaining the client’s account; both requiring prior written authorization. We do not accept cash, money orders or similar forms of payment for advisory engagements.