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When are Payment of Asset‐Based Fees due?

by Peter J. Creedon

The first billing cycle will begin once our agreement is executed and account assets have settled into the client’s account held by the custodian of record. Fees for partial quarters will be prorated based on the remaining days in the reporting period in which the firm and/or third‐party manager services the account. Fee payments will generally be assessed within 15 days of the beginning of each billing cycle. By signing our firm’s and/or the third‐party investment manager’s engagement agreement(s), as well as the selected custodian account opening documents, the client will be authorizing the withdrawal of transactional (see following section) and advisory fees from their account. The withdrawal of these fees will be accomplished by the selected custodian, not by our firm, and the custodian will remit your fees directly to our firm. We do not entertain requests for direct payment of our advisory fee for our portfolio management services in lieu of the advisory fee being withdrawn from an investment account. You share in the responsibility to verify the accuracy of fee calculations; the custodian may not verify the accuracy of advisory fee assessments for the client.